ONCE again, many thanks for yesterday.  I found you to be very easy to form an empathic relationship with.  I felt immediately at ease.  I found you to be thoroughly professional, yet casual and humorous.  I would have no hesitation recommending you.  
Or none myself, using your wonderful service when the time comes.
DN, 2018.

WORDS are not enough to show how grateful I am for your support and encouragement at a very dark time in my life after a 
traumatic relationship - and for helping me to achieve and believe in myself.
My confidence and self-esteem was pretty much at rock bottom when I first came to see you but I can thankfully say that therapy has taught me to believe in myself and live a happier life.
I am now achieving milestones I feared would never happen for me; I have a lovely partner, a beautiful home and I'm expecting a baby.  
I feel I've come so far and just wanted to say a massive thank you for all your guidance in helping me achieve these things.
I always say it to family and friends....therapy really is one of the best things I've ever done!
L.I.  2017.

A MASSIVE thank you for the insight, empathy and understanding at what was an extremely difficult time in my life, and for helping me turn a corner.  
It wasn’t an easy journey but one that was worthwhile.  When I first came to you I wasn’t sure if it would help or if it would always be that way.  However I can safely say I feel so much better and happier and feel I am able to live my life, a happy one.
I now face the future stronger and more determined.  Thank you again.
A N. 2015

I FIRST met Sue when I stumbled in coping with modern day life.
Later I returned to Sue for help in dealing with grief.
In our sessions I felt instantly more relaxed in her company - a stranger - than I had been with my friends and family.  I felt able to convey how I felt and Sue provided an understanding ear and a warm and helpful approach to helping me.
Through her practice, Sue gave me back my freedom in life, and more importantly,
made sense of my irrational thinking.
Later, in grief, she was there through the darkest time.
I am incredibly thankful to Sue and would highly recommend her.  What an amazing therapist!

S.O. December 2016

A LITTLE girl and a tiger: these are the ones who have been coming to therapy with me and you for the past two years.
Thank you for having enough room for all of us in your heart and in your work.  Thank you for helping me hear both of them. Thank you for the tenderness you have shown me over the things that have hurt and the things that I hope for.
Thank you for your anger, your kindness, your respect.  These are all things that I can say to myself now too but thank you to you, Sue, that this is so.  I am so grateful that I have done this work, and that I have done it with you.
T.B.  2012

THANK YOU for helping me through a tricky moment and helping me dig deeper without having to have major outpourings, which I know I  did not need right now.
Thank you for helping me break through the self-preservation strategies which I surrounded myself with and which are just bad habits and unhelpful patterns that developed over the years.
I wish I could come and talk to you every week but for now, this has been SO helpful.
C.W.  2013

I MET you for a few sessions about my phobia connected with caterpillars and want you to know that you have made an unbelievable difference to my life!
The phobic response has absolutely gone.  I have enjoyed gardening, days outside, walked along coastal paths, and walked through the Butterfly House at Bristol Zoo, looking closely at the caterpillars there…all things that were previously totally out of bounds or uncomfortable for me.  My overwhelming sense of fear has gone. 
We also mentioned my difficult relationship with my dad and though we didn’t look at this in our sessions, you said a couple of things that have slightly changed my perspective.  As a result we have spent Christmas with Dad for the first time in 18 years and while progress is slow I don’t feel sad about it any more.
I’m very pleased that I met you and grateful for your help.  It was only for a few hours and I know it sounds like a cliché, but it really has changed my life: so thank you.
T.C. 2012

THANK YOU for all your support…showing me it’s ok to feel the feelings and helping me grow, both as a person and a professional.
S.P. 2015

I WAS so desperate when I sought out Sue…I felt my world would never be the same again.
Sue gently guided me through my emotions and feelings and helped me to resolve the issues that were clouding my every thought.
I am now emotionally stronger and my relationship issues are improving week by week.  Thank you, Sue.
L.J. 2016

I FIRST contacted Sue after realising the negative impact that constant anxiety was having on my life.  From the first contact, where Sue answered my email promptly,  to setting up our first meeting just a week later, she was able to put me at ease.
Little did I know at that first meeting that we would work together for over two years.  In that time she showed consistency, patience and understanding while we gradually unwound the conflicts in my life. 
It was with a heavy heart that I recently ended my time with Sue.  I feel she has helped me to embrace life and its challenges so that I can feel fully a part of it and enjoy the times I have with my family and friends.
My feelings of self-esteem and self-worth have grown so that I know longer worry what others are thinking of me all the time…instead I am enjoying life to the full.
Making that initial step to contact Sue was one of the scariest - and best - things I ever did.
V.F.  2016

WHAT A journey I’ve been on with you as my trusted therapist!  I cannot put into words how much your help has strengthened me and saved me from making decisions that couldn’t be undone.
I feel infinitely stronger and capable of so much more now that I can be myself and be proud of it.  
You are a huge part of how I’ve reached this point.  Thank you.
A.P.  2016

I DECIDED to seek help when I felt I was not coping with a difficult situation  too well and was questioning the decisions I was making in life.  I wasn’t convinced that therapy would help me but had to try something before things got out of control.
From my first session with Sue I enjoyed the calm and non-judgemental atmosphere and began to look forward to our meetings.  It was an opportunity to say things out loud and feel listened to and understood.
It wasn’t always easy to discuss my life and feelings with complete honesty but I always left feeling I’d gained some insight I hadn’t had before.  Sue helped me to believe in myself again and to view my situation from different perspectives, which enabled me to deal with my life in a more controlled way and in my best interests.
Sue helped me to break free from some patterns of behaviour that I was completely unaware were influencing my life, which were making me unhappy and lacking in self-esteem.  
I will continue to recommend Sue to people I care about, knowing what a difference she has made in my life.
S.A.   2016